Hi everyone, on behalf of both the outgoing and current executive team, we would like to wish all UNSW LoLSoc members a happy new year! Thank you for being a part of our 2018 and creating amazing memories with us!

NEEKO-suto! Let’s take a look at the snapshots of our fun times together and let those be the support for us to RISE to greater heights both on the Rift and in life next year. Sending kindest regards from China,
Wendy Zhang
President 2017-18


In 2018, UNSW LoLSoc:
☆ Had 390 registered members.
☆ Ran over 20 online and offline events
☆ Welcomed Logitech G as a sponsor on board
☆ Collaborated with 6 other universities
☆ Introduced the HR director role
☆ New initiatives like the E-sports corner and monthly plays



We were delighted to see many happy faces from both old and new members come visit our O-week stall this year. Hope everyone enjoyed the small gifts we prepared, including our classic goodie bags, membership card (2018 design) and the lucky five who received a RiotGames champion figurine!

During the weekend, we had our megaLAN 3.0 in collaboration with Pcsoc, Blizzsoc and other gaming societies on campus to extend the O-week fun and bring tournament experiences to passionate gamers. David “ozo1329” Li once again took crown to the 1v1 League of Legends tournament.

Will we see a return of the champion or a new challenger taking him down?
Tune in 2019 O-week.



Hands up if you’ve made a friend through LoLSoc this year! If you went to our Social LAN where we played some casual League and Tandem tournament or Trivia Night where we enjoyed pizza together and got some of our League knowledge spinning; or last but not least, our lit Karaoke Night where hidden talents were discovered after a satisfying KBBQ dinner, then we hope you had a great time and met some cool people there! For a further trip down memory lane, you can find our event recaps here.


BBQs and our online Friendly Fridays have been a constant on the LoLSoc events list for years - both which involve feeding. This year we continued to sharpen our cooking skills to bring you the best quality sausages and saucy bants to brighten up your uni day. :D


The Worlds finals is definitely an event everyone looks forward to in November every year. Although we saw some disappointed RNG fans walking in, the battle between Invictus Gaming and Fnatic was nevertheless a good showdown (3-0 saved a lot of people from a late night out). Hope everyone enjoyed our mini pick-em competition during Worlds as well!



This year, we were fortunate to witness the UNSW Unigames League of Legends team become OUC champions and stepping into an even greater, international stage in China. Congratulations and thank you to all who supported them along the way. Moreover, the UNSW LoLSoc team came 1st in the Sydney battlegrounds tournament which was hosted alongside 6 other universities and with over 30 teams participating. Proud achievements!


Our Rumble tournament is an initiative alongside Riot Games to cater for lower division players, providing them with a competitive gaming experience. This year we opened the tournament to gold and below with an allowance of 2 platinum players per team. More friends to play with YAY! Congratulations to team “front-line-adc-desmond-1v9s-and-throws” for taking 1st place against 7 other teams and winning the Logitech sponsored mouse set and 20000 RP. Hope it was a memorable tournament for everyone and we sure had very creative team-namers this year too.



The above showcases just a few of our many amazing subcommittee members who have contributed to making LoLSoc events fun and engaging. If you really enjoyed our BBQs, Rumble tournament and Worlds viewing party, or gained ELO after being coached at our social LAN, these events wouldn’t have been amazing without the help of our subcoms! Similarly the comprehensive articles, eye-catching posts and banners, and event photos -if you remember a guy always pointing a camera your way at the events to capture each precious moment-, these are also our marketing subcoms working behind-the-scenes (or hiding behind). Thank you for joining us this year and using your kindness and passion to help LoLSoc grow!


In September, we encountered our Annual General Meeting where we said goodbye to the past and welcomed in our newly formed executive team. Those who went to the meeting would have heard their testimonials and experienced the intense live-action election at play. Get to know your 2018-19 executives here ↓ Exec Profiles (http://www.unswlolsoc.com/executive/)



The journey with LoLSoc in 2018 ended once again with a LAN at WangYu. This time we saw intense clashes between 7 skillful teams and many familiar faces. Congratulations to team “no na me” for taking the win and may League continue to be a fulfilling part of our lives as we move on to a new chapter called “2019”.

Thanks for reading and credits to Kenzo Jeanson (Marketing Publications Director) for helping me put this newsletter together!

Also, a massive shout out to all our sponsors this year for their continuous support and enrichment to our events. We look forward to an even better upcoming year with you!