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To everyone new this year, welcome to UNSW LoLSoc! To our veterans, welcome back!
What you’re reading is our fortnightly newsletter, where we recap everything LoLSoc which happened of late and give you a sneak peek on future events!

I’m Kenzo - your Publications Director this year. I’ve been playing League since Season 2 (when Elise was released). My favourite season was either Season Three or Four, back when you could play Kha’zix Top with Manamune :(

These days, I still play Top, and am little-by-little trying to quit being a Kled one-trick (Conqueror nerfs LMAO). My other interests apart from League include the regular weeb stuff, origami, and listening to Kanye West.

I hope you enjoy LoLSoc this year! This year, we are trying to hold more events and focus on letting all your League enthusiasts meet new people!

~ Kenzo “cso69” Jeanson (Marketing Director - Publications) ~

Recap of Weeks 1-4

2019 LoLSoc Subcom

~We have a new and exciting team!~

With every new year, LoLSoc gives members the opportunity to step up and join the subcom team! This team of keen and passionate individuals help the society in its day-to-day tasks and are the extra manpower we need to make our events as great as possible! Congratulations and please welcome our new Subcom team for 2019!

Trivia Night

~A night of questions, (perhaps too many) memes, and fun!~

True or False? Trivia Night was a blast!
Answer: True!

Thanks everyone for coming to our trivia night - we hoped that you had a lot of fun! It was great to see so many newer members, all with smiled on their faces!

There were a lot of tough questions, so congratulations to Team Sean Slappers for being at the top of game tonight, and winning an assortment of different prizes!

Be sure to check out the pictures we took in our Facebook Album!

Upcoming Events

Friendly Fridays

The third Friendly Fridays of the first trimester is coming up! It will be on our Discord on the 22nd of March officially starting at 8pm and officially finishing at 10pm. There will be games on the Summoners’ Rift and the Howling Abyss, but also for those who want to kick back and not flame or be flamed by their teammates, Sketch League is the best place to go. Can’t wait to see you there!


Hello everyone! I’m Clarissa, a part of the Publications Subcommittee! I only started playing League towards the end of Season 5 and I love playing mages and marksmen. My favourite champion would have to be Taliyah. (Bring back Q aoe please!)

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