Who am I?

Hey there! I’m Adam “Bucklava” Felah, and I’m here to tell you how to get that rank you’ve always dreamed of! Why should you listen to me?
Because I have been playing League Of Legends for longer than you!

Steps to Climbing

1. Win More Games!

The most important thing to climb more is to win more! I had a friend (Kozne “cso69” Jeanson) who was hardstuck silver, until one day he suddenly got gold! How? Simple! He won more games!

2. Lose Less Games!

Not only does losing games stop you from winning more, but it also reduces your Match Making Rating (MMR)! If your MMR is low, you won’t gain as much sweet, sweet LP once you follow Step 1 again.

3. Maintain a Positive Winrate!

This step is a combination of steps 1&2, but perhaps the most effective of the three. If you see the victory screen more than the defeat screen, you gain more LP than you lose. Otherwise, you become (and I can’t stress this enough) washed up1.

Bonus Step (from ex-challenger2 player Gluestick Eater JG)

Click Faster.

INSPIRATION - To Motivate Yourself for the Grind

Unsealed Spellbook - How else can you take the most important summoner spell; Clarity?
Perfect Timing -
Take perfect timing so you never miss your smite!
Future’s Market - Make sure you buy your own stocks early! They will definitely RISE3.
Time Warp Tonic - Bend the laws of space and time as you get challenger, a HD WAM, perfect abs, a good job and 8 hours of daily sleep.

RESOLVE - For Mastery of the Toxic Arts

Demolishing - Hit your enemy with the fattestTM roast possible when they miss Irelia ult4.
Unflinching - Take this rune to completely ignore your teammates flaming you as you 1v5 dive the enemy inhibitor on your 1m mastery point Yasuo.

Final Words

I hope you all become better players after reading this guide!

TLDR; git gud idiot.

Reference List

1: Washed Up Player
2: Harstuck Master Special Guest
3: RISE (The good version)
4: Hypest Irelia Play