After years of relentless surveying, over eight thousand people have kindly volunteered their opinions into this controversial topic. Absolutely no bias can possibly be found as we have thoroughly run over the numbers ensuring they haven’t been tampered. The nominees and the results are in! The burning question on everyone’s mind has finally been answered.

Who is the cutest pro player in the League of Legends scene?

You will often read tweets that top laners or junglers is where it’s at. The only thing they have in common is that it oppresses supports and mid laners! Where are the Zeyzal fans, the Wadid fans, the Gorilla fans, the SwordArt fans, the Meiko fans? You would think everyone liked Faker but apparently not.

Here are the bottom three in this category determined by your choices!

Now could I please have a drum roll for the top three…

For a full chart of all thirteen nominees, look below!