He first dropped out of College. He then won the heart of an entire generation, while pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, jazz, electropop alongside unparalleled commercial success.

In Swahili, ‘Kanye’ means ‘The Only One’. Mr. West is the chosen one - the God amongst men, and after conquering the music industry, he has set his sights on Summoner’s Rift.

PASSIVE: The Timeless Genre-Pusher

Like with his timeless, big-mood, and era-defining album ‘808’s and Heartbreak’, where he literally predicted the next 10 years of rap music, Kanye can see the movement of both allies and opposing champions 10 seconds in advance.

Q: Another Classic Album

Kanye’s next basic attack hits the target with another classic album. Opponents affected with this attack are given the good taste effect.

After three stacks, Kanye can once again activate this ability, making the target realise that he is literally the most influential musician alive, and making them unable to hear other players’ pings. This effect persists until the target has listened to all of Kanye’s discography and become only able to talk about his greatness and influence in social occasions.


Kanye goes on a rant about how he’s literally a genius and no musician will ever reach his level and influence, globally silencing all enemy champions for the rest of the game.

Any enemy champions who try to use an ability during the silence are affected by the ignorant effect, taking 50% of their current health in true damage and just being an idiot in general who doesn’t understand that Kanye is literally the direct inspiration of half the rappers you’ve heard of today.

E: “Here’s to the Roc”

Kanye honours the legendary rapper and culture zeitgeist Jay Z, who gave him a chance to make music by signing him to his own ‘Roc-A-Fella Records’ in 2002. After 1.5 seconds, a diamond is formed in the sky, giving nearby allies the diamonds are forever effect, making their next damaging ability also stun any enemy it hits for 1 second.

R: Scoopity Poop

Kanye trolls the entire rap industry while reminding everyone that he has transcended both icon status and the concept of being an artist, randomising the keybinds of all ally and enemy champions. Additionally, all neutral monsters cannot take damage and dance for the rest of the game. Until all keybinds are not fixed, ’Another Classic Album’ reaches three stacks immediately.