~Midsem Blues~   :(

Hey everyone, welcome back to our second newsletter of the term!! 🎉🎉

I hope you’ve all been hitting the books 📚📚📚, because 😢 midsems 😢 are on the way! I believe ✨✨ in everyone single one of you, so be sure to get HDs 🎓 and do me proud 😄! I, on the other hand, finished my midsems 🔥two weeks ago🔥 (not flexing 💪, just giving context) and you already know I’m back on the SoloQ G R I N D 😎. It’s been getting pretty 🌨rainy🌨 these days, so make sure to cover yourself up - healthy body 💪 healthy mind! 🤔

Happy April Fools btw, don’t worry the emojis won’t stay… I’m not that creative and I just wanted to just ‘fool’ around…

~ Konze “cso69” Jeanson 💯
(Marketing Director - Publications) ~

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Boardgames and Chill

~We’re so glad you GAME~

I hope no one felt board at our board and party games arvo! Plenty of you lovely people dropped in and out, and we were glad to see you come in to relax during your free time.

We monoplayed many different games, from Connect 4 to Avalon, and Exploding Kittens to Smash Ultimate. Hopefully we didn’t smash too many friendships!

Peep the pics here.

Upcoming Events

Fortnightly Friendly Fridays!

The fifth Friendly Fridays of the trimester is coming up! It will be on our Discord on the 5th of April, officially starting at 8pm and finishing at 10pm.

There will be games on the Summoners’ Rift and the Howling Abyss, but also for those who want to kick back and not flame or be flamed by their teammates, Sketch League is the best place to go. Can’t wait to see you there!

UNSW LoLSoc Discord: https://discord.gg/unswlolsoc

🔥April Fools Articles🔥


In the Publications Subcommittee, we value HARD WORK and BIG EFFORT. As a result, in this edition of the newsletter, we decided to ALL make HIGH QUALITY AND EXTREMELY SERIOUS articles.

Now don’t get me wrong - I haven’t read these articles. Why would I stump the
C R E A T I V E P R O C E S S of these amazing subcoms. However, I’m sure these articles are VERY SERIOUS and of HIGH QUALITY.

Be sure to check them out below:
- https://unswlolsoc.com/2019-03-31-new-legendary-skins-soundcloud-9-minus-5/
(by Iain Lew)
- https://unswlolsoc.com/2019-03-31-who-is-the-cutest-pro-player/
(By Clarissa Tatang)
- https://unswlolsoc.com/2019-03-31-epic-guide-how-to-climb-in-lol/
(By Adam Felah)
- https://unswlolsoc.com/2019-04-01-champion-reveal-kanye-west-the-only-one/

Wrapping Up

Attention All Epic Gamers!

I, Big Boy Badam, need your help to make LoLSoc great again! We need to create the biggest League of Legends society in existence, or our lives will be doomed. To do that, I need three things from you:
1. Follow us on our website.
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But you better be quick, or LoLSoc might disappear just like Rift Herald! If you have any issues, please email your mother’s credit card number, expiry date and 3 digits on the back to unswlolsoc@gmail.com or send it in a Facebook message to our page!

~ Adam “Cucklava” Felah
(Publications Subcommittee) ~

~ Konze “cso69” Jeanson & Adam “Cucklava” Felah ~

Until next tine!