~Trimester 1 is Reaching a Close~

Hey everyone, glad to see you all back! 🎉

How have we been? I’ve had the pleasure of spending this weekend ploughing through two assignments while watching LEC Semis/Finals, LCK Finals, and LCS Finals in between.

Congrats to SKT T1 for regaining form and completely DEMOLISHING Griffin in a three-game smurf-fest!! If only my ranked games were that easy…

Kind of sad to see TSM suffer the reverse sweep in finals (espeically as a TSM fanboy), but I also personally believe that they didn’t deserve to win against C9… so I guess it’s kind of poetic for them to get reverse swept themselves.

Oh, and G2 just won finals 3-0 right then. Nice… anyone surprised?

MSI this year is looking DUMMY THICC with super hype teams! I can actually imagine a world where a western team like G2 (sorry Liquid, maybe not you guys yet) cosplays 2018 Worlds and beats China and Korea.

Anyway, that’s all I have for intro today~ Enjoy the rest of the read! (if you don’t enjoy I’ll find you and steal your LP)

~ Kenzo “cso69” Jeanson
(Marketing Director - Publications) ~

💻 Lan Party! 💻

~Special Thanks to WangYu Concept Cafe~

Thanks to all those who came and LAN-ded a skillshot or two last Saturday! It was amazing seeing everyone having fun and supporting one another during the tournament. :D A big shout out to those who tried their best on the day in the tournament, sometimes it just ain’t our day on the rift.

Congratulations to the champions of the day:

1st: Andrew Lee/Kacy Huang

2nd: Evan Lee/James Siu

3rd: George Wu/Raist Jurado

If you missed out this time, no worries! There are many more parties and events coming, so keep your heads up!

🔮 Upcoming Events 🔮

Fortnightly Friendly Fridays!

Another serve of Friendly Fridays coming right up! It will be on our Discord on the 19th of April, officially starting at 8pm and finishing at 10pm.

There will be games on the Summoners’ Rift and the Howling Abyss, but also for those who want to kick back and not flame or be flamed by their teammates, Sketch League is the best place to go. Can’t wait to see you there!

UNSW LoLSoc Discord: https://discord.gg/unswlolsoc

📰 Article of the Week 📰

This week, Publications Subcom Clarissa Tatang is sharing her first article of the year!

I push you all to check it out! There’s some super interesting and kinda philosophical stuff in there about why LoL’s pro scene is more amazing than you think!

Remember, anyone can publish their articles, so don’t be afraid to contact me or any other exec on Discord/Facebook!

📷Instagram Relaunch!📷

IT’S ALIVE!!! The once lonely UNSW LoLSoc Instagram is now alive and active! Our vision of Instagram is to showcase content from LoLSoc members and being more real time in terms of events. Had meme play during Friendly Fridays? Have some wonderful League-related art to showcase? Brought out your inner Faker during a tournament? Send it over via Discord PMs (to RosalineChu) or tag us @unswlolsoc so it can be uploaded or reposted!

🎉CONGRATULATONS to our UniGames Team!🎉

Congrats to our UniGames team for a nail-biting 2-1 victory over USYD in playoffs to qualify as the TOP EASTERN TEAM SEED FOR NATIONALS!

Absolutely PHENOMENAL.

Shout-out to minhcam123456789, BADDiE, BITCONNEEEEEEECT, Furries, Poly, Retrospect, and Glup!

Special Thanks to sexymario258, qoyy, @Xun, and swordsky for being an INCREDIBLE support team!

May they find success in their future tournament!

Wrapping Up

“I don’t play League with a mouse or a trackpad…”

Now that I have your attention, congratulations for reaching this far into the newsletter! Hopefully LoLSoc has been great because we have a lot more in store. Even though my League elo is like Dust IV, it doesn’t limit my passion for LoLSoc. Hope to see you at events or drop by in Discord Lobby during Friendly Fridays (and NOT bully the moderator, thanks). Don’t be shy! If you’re struggling to find someone to talk to, I’ll be there! :)

~ Kimberly “RosalineChu” Chan
(Publications Subcommittee) ~

~ Kenzo “cso69” Jeanson & Adam “Kimberly “RosalineChu” Chan ~

Until next time! [I just realised that I wrote ‘tine’ in last edition’s newsletter holy…]