We concluded the quarter-finals this Saturday evening with some very fun games to spectate! A strong mix of controlled macro play, with sprinkles of relentless bloodbaths going back and forth, was a perfect recipe for what we love about Rumble.

Here are the results of yesterday’s games:

TTEAGU3 - Sean And Friends continue to the Semi-Finals - though due to an unfortunate disqualification - alongside Kenzo’s Goons, Meow! and Bike Lock Bandits.

To celebrate the Semi Finals, we are showcasing our top players from each role that you should keep an eye on in the rest of their playoff run!


TTEAGU3 - Kenzo’s Goons: Stabable

- Toplane Kingdom -

When Stabable solokills the enemy toplaner at the three-minute mark, you know it’s because of top difference. Whether he’s landing clutch five-man Gnar Ults or gunning noobs down on Urgot, this player hasn’t had a single low point this entire tournament. He’s very consistent - consistently the scariest toplaner who will win lane no matter what. Yet, perhaps what’s even more frightening is that we haven’t even seen his full potential. His Urgot and Gnar powerpicks clearly fill out the carry and tank duality of toplane, but don’t think for a second that’s all he has in store. Watch out.

Check out a sick Urgot 1v4 he did yesterday:


Meow!: mesomesomeso

- The Team Player -

Playing Nunu Nunu Nunu, mesomesomeso took over the quarter-finals with his amazing teamplay. Playing both sides of the Sejuani vs Nunu matchup in the series, as well as both of those champions in all his Group Stage games, 3meso showed his exquisite knowledge of jungle routes and tank mechanics. He expertly camped the volatile Renekton-Jax toplane matchup in Game 1 and secured every dragon on the dot. In Game 2, he snowballed his team with constant map pressure on the Nunu & Willump. With unbelievable micro and prominent map presence, you can expect 3meso to make his enemies’ Blood Boil as he Consumes their chances of winning the Semis to Absolute Zero.

Check out some intelligent teamfighting from yesterday’s quarter-finals game:


TTEAGU3 - Sean and Friends: Gryffindor

- Champion Ocean -

I once vsed Gryffindor in another League tournament. We banned four of his champions, and he returned the favour with a classic 1v9, whilst piloting a disgustingly fed 10/2/11 Vladmir. You can’t ban this man out - he has a champion ocean. Nobody doubted that Rumble’s greatest import would land a spot on this list, and the man of the hour knows this better than anyone else. Yet, even with a 17 KDA in group stage - that being the highest - he keeps a low profile. This player isn’t the type to flame after dumpstering you, because you already know that you’re trash. It’s always exciting to think about what he will pull out next.

Check out a clean turnaround solokill which Gryff pulled off yesterday:


Meow!: Hayeselnut

- The Unkillable -

The deathless Marksman from the quarter-finals - Hayeselnut - popped off on his double Tristana pick. Going 5/0/8 and 10/0/5 in Game 1 and 2 respectively, Hayeselnut came in huge for his team. Aggressively using Rocket Jump to slow his enemies and wail on them till they succumbed to his Rapid Fire, he racked up kills after kills and somehow stayed alive with a clear disregard for his own safety. Expect him to do more of the same aggressive style of front-line ADC in the semi-finals - I’m definitely excited for that!

Hayeselnut is a ballsy fellow who knows he will carry, check out one of those plays he did yesterday:


TTEAGU3 - Kenzo’s Goons: Taliyah

- No Weak Points-

Taliyah is rock-solid like Malphite. He’s the type of guy who will pretend to go to the bathroom to leave you alone with your crush. He’s the type of guy to let you finish his lunch, because he’s more worried about you than he is for himself. The man can (and will) play anything you want him to; whether it’s a hyper-enchanter like Lulu or a dedicated tank like Nautilus. Much of Kenzo’s Goons’ mid-game success stems from Taliyah’s ability to pinpoint engage openings and make snap decisions which result in valuable picks. But beware, because his excellent teamplay with superstar ADC Lady Gaga Fan makes laning against him an uphill battle for anyone who dares call themselves worthy. He’s quite a guy.

Feast your eyes on an expertly-constructed teamfight opening planned out by Taliyah yesterday:

Honourable Mentions

TTEAGU3 - Kenzo’s Goons: Lady Gaga Fan

- Legendary Handsome Superstar Mechanically-Talented Einstein-Level Genius Innovator ADC -

The only reason Lady Gaga Fan doesn’t occupy a top spot in this list is because he hasn’t been able to prove it. Hayeselnut has been the focal point of Meow! in every game they’ve played; reminiscent of the way which RNG play around Uzi. However, Kenzo’s Goons has a more all-rounder roster, so Lady Gaga Fan hasn’t been able to generate the respect and prestige that Hayesulnut has accrued. Yet, his 16 KDA - second to only Gryffindor - shows that there’s no smut on his reputation.


- The Enchantress -

With a constant time pressure of the looming terror that is her internet being cut, Sa5mmy played a variety of Enchanter supports in the Group Stage and quarter-finals to blitz her way to the Semis, all before 11pm daily. Her champion pool is perfectly suited to allow Meow!’s talented ADC Hayeselnut to go crazy. The rest of the team has immense faith in Sa5mmy’s ability to keep them alive as they go for dangerously close plays. Most importantly, her vision control allows her jungler mesomesomeso to have intense objective pressure. The legends say that we could one day see her on a play-making support… scary stuff.


- The Coinflip Player -

cso67 is a coinflip player who lands on heads 99% of the time. He can be your angel, with wonderful 1v9 plays on a plethora of champions and styles, or your demon, with a 3/8 Ryze enabling an enemy Darius to nearly take over the game. His Ryze is bad, his Jayce is worse, you guessed it right, it’s the cso67 curse. However, he’s the man you call on when you need a game to be carried. Ya boi is always on top of the meta and general powerpicks, boasting proficiency on the likes of Neeko, Aatrox, Jax, Vladmir, Urgot, and much more. The fun comes in hoping that the coinflip is in your favour.

If, like me, you’re a cso67 fan, be sure to check out a disstrack we made about him:

So there you have it, the players with the most popoff potential in the semi-finals. There is a multitude of talent in this year’s UNSW Rumble that has been knocked out or yet to prove themselves, and we couldn’t fit them all into one article. Make sure to tune in to https://www.twitch.tv/thedonwu tonight and next weekend to see the remainder of the playoff bracket!

By Kenzo “cso69’ Jeanson [Publications Director]
& Adam “cso89” Felah [Publications Subcom]

Special Thanks to Kelvin “Pokefans” Chow for further analysis and high-elo criticism and to George “TheDonwu” Wu for providing videos!!