FPX’s welcome message to Doinb on their official Twitter.

To Esports fans, he’s the guy that plays Kled Mid. To LPL fans, he’s the heart and soul of whatever team he’s on. He is Super Carry Doinb – Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang.

Despite his Korean residency, he has always been a player for China. He started his career as a mid laner in March 2015 on Qiao Gu Reapers.

Qiao Gu Reapers became Newbee Young, became QG Reapers and then vanished. They didn’t even step on the international stage but there are some famous names who everyone will know. For instance, current SKT’s Clid and Khan and RNG’s Uzi, and previously SSB’s dade. Doinb ended his time with QG Reapers by claiming the 2017 LPL Spring Split MVP award.

By the start of the 2017 LPL Summer Split, QG Reapers lost their roster and spot in the LPL to Jing Dong Gaming (JDG). So basically, same names, different company.

Doinb left the people that he had played with and known for the past three years, at the start of the LPL’s franchising. For LPL’s 2018 Spring Split, he was now part of the Rogue Warriors (RW) and this roster was known as the revenge team.

RW also consisted of Mouse from Edward Gaming, Flawless from I May (roster acquired by Bili Bili Gaming in 2018), Smlz from Oh My God and Killua from Young Miracles. Besides Killua, all the other players could get their “revenge” on their prior teams. And they all did. Doinb was especially excited about his victory.

Doinb’s reaction to beating JDG.

This was just the beginning of Super Carry Doinb.

At the beginning of the year, he demanded Karma and Lulu bans from the enemy teams and by the end, the enemy teams were banning Kled and Aatrox away from him. My favourite of his unique builds was Righteous Glory Ryze.

Doinb got the taste of the international stage at Rift Rivals 2018. RW saved LPL in game four of the best of five against Kingzone Dragon-X.

Doinb’s elation at winning against Kingzone Dragon-X.

And now, he wants more.

And he was so close. RW got the third most championship points that year and were seeded into the final round of China’s Regional Finals but they lost 3-1 to Edward Gaming.

Now, he’s on FPX and he’s ready to try all over again.

Doinb started this year with a bang. He married his girlfriend of over three years during LPL’s Chinese New Year break. He and Tian (FPX’s new jungler) elevated FPX to first place in the regular season. He was awarded the Spring Split MVP.

Doinb’s wife.

Famously known for his fluency in Mandarin despite being from Korea, he was a guest on the Chinese cast for this year’s MSI.

Doinb a part of 2019 MSI’s Chinese cast for G2 vs SKT.

Alongside FPX, he was able to claim back-to-back first places in regular season this year with a final third place in Spring and a final first place in Summer. This was the first title for FPX. This was the first title for Doinb.

Congratulations Doinb for winning your first title!

See you at Worlds.

~ Clarissa “Cure Lemonade” Tatang (Publications Subcommittee)