The most unqualified League of Legends player analyses the numbers to find out how long it actually takes for Urgot to kill a champion by himself. Here, we study different basic scenarios and decide whether a perfect KDA on Urgot is even worth celebrating for.

I know what you are already thinking, I am only occasionally a nerd, but hear me out. It has been probably a good month since I had played League and as always, Baby Urgie top. Here are some screenshots of how I went (don’t judge my build please):

Active fans of LoLSoc would be pretty shocked - I know that my friends were. It is rather well-known that the summoner name “RosalineChu”means Dust IV, most deaths/damage taken, almost no CS, plays with a drawing tablet, and the minion of the team. Sure, I was not the best player in the game, but this is extremely likely to be the best game played in the history of RosalineChu (yes, I know, I’m really bad). However, honestly, while playing my Baby Urgie, it did feel that he was a bit broken. So actually, how easy is it for Baby Urgie to kill an average champion?

Let’s use something as a basis of comparison, like looking at only base (no build and runes) statistics at level 6 - because we want the ultimate and that is only when I start killing champions. Since the current meta is to maximise W first, we will have every other ability on level 1 while his W on level 3. Hence the statistics are:

Base Statistics

Damage: 83 per auto-attack

Attack Speed: 0.625 attacks per second

Movement Speed: 330 units per second

Passive: Echoing Flames

Damage: 116.2 per leg

Cooldown: 20 seconds per leg

Q: Corrosive Charge

Damage: 83.1 per explosion

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Cast time: 0.6 seconds

W: Purge

Damage: 35.24 per shot

Attack Speed: 3.0 shots per second

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Cast time: 13 shots

E: Disdain

Damage: 90 per cast

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Cast time: 0.85 seconds

R: Fear Beyond Death

Damage: 100 on hit

Cast time: 2 seconds

Now the nerd magic happens:

Let the enemy’s full health be 2500 relative to level. Therefore, R can be re-activated when enemy is at 625 heath.

Action Enemy’s Remaining Health Time Passed
Q+E 2500-83.1-90 =2326.9 0.85
W+P 2326.9-[6(116.2+35.24)+35.24(13-6)]=1171.58 5.18
AA 1171.58-(483)=1503.58 11.58
W 1503.58-(1335.24)=1045.46 15.91
Q+AA 1045.46-83.1-83=879.36 18.11
E+AA 962.36-90-(283)=706.36 21.56
R 706.36-100=606.36<625 23.56

After a week of thinking, meth math, and procrastination, the results look okay. Don’t forget that these numbers ignore builds and runes, as well as enemy resists. Now let’s change up a few numbers to correspond to my wonderful match and do the calculations all over again! Here are the new numbers:

Basic Statistics

Damage: 180 per auto-attack

Attack Speed: 0.96 attacks per second

Movement Speed: 375 units per second

Passive: Echoing Flames

Damage: 180 per leg

Cooldown: 2.5 seconds per leg

Q: Corrosive Charge

Damage: 331 per explosion

Cooldown: 4.8 seconds

W: Purge

Damage: 77 per shot

Attack Speed: 3.0 shots per second

Cooldown: 0 seconds

E: Disdain

Damage: 362 per cast

Cooldown: 9 seconds

R: Fear Beyond Death

Damage: 379 on hit

Cooldown: 42 seconds

This time, the calculation is a bit harder thanks to the reduced cooldowns and the eternal W, but I will give it my best shot. Apologies in advance if there are any errors:

Let the enemy’s full health be 3500 relative to level. Therefore, R can be re-activated when enemy is at 875 heath.

Action Enemy’s Remaining Health Time Passed
Q+E 3500-331-362=2807 0.85
W+P 2807-6(180+77)=1265 2.85
W 1265-(477)=957 4.18
R 957-100=857<875 6.18

The results are drastically different, I mean a 73.77% reduction in kill time is pretty sexy. The amount of damage the W does is incredible, and I am very thankful that such an ability exists. Why? Because my statistics after the game can seem decently okay by only simply keeping in mind two rules:

  1. Maximise W as quick as possible
  2. Leave W on when maximised unless if you’re running away

So how does this make my after-game statistics look better? Maximising W grants the ability to be toggled for an infinite period of time, allowing me to do point 2.

Purge targets the closest target unless re-targeted by marking enemies with any other of Baby Urgie’s abilities. If the ability hits minions, you get points in your CS and gold (hence my impeccable 182 CS). If you’re in the middle of a team fight, leaving your W on grants you assists and KS (with the help of your R too of course).

You untoggle the ability while running away because if you’re hitting the enemy, you movement speed gets reduced 125 units per second leaving you more susceptible to deaths and in-chat toxicity (speaking from experience). Or maybe you turn the tables with that amazing attack speed and grab a kill. Now that’s fuel for cockiness!

In conclusion, is Baby Urgie really broken? Honestly, with the information here, we don’t actually know. I have ignored so many other factors such as assists, dragons, Baron, damage resists, so on and so forth. Ultimately, this article has the same purpose as “RosalineChu” has in your team in League of Legends…

… Useless in-game.

~ Kimberly “RosalineChu” Chan (Publications Subcommittee)