Written by Clarissa “Cure Lemonade” Tatang

If you ask this question to the random LoLSoc member, most of them will say “Because it’s fun”, or maybe “It’s a good experience”, or even maybe “The prizes are really good”. And with the first-place team receiving 5 Logitech Astro A20 headsets which have a recommended retail price of $250 each… who can blame them?

So why do most people say its fun? Well, in a tournament, there can only be one winner so who really expects to win the craziest of prizes? But every person who partakes in Rumble will have the opportunity to have fun. Starting from the scrims with other teams where your team might or might not take it seriously. Then, to the Double Round Robin in the group stage. And finally, to the Double Elimination Playoffs that the past three weeks have led up to. The whole experience is what everyone can enjoy and have fun, and with so many games, who knows what sort of memories you will make? And that’s why you should join Rumble.

Rumble is a tournament aimed at Iron to Platinum players because LoLSoc wants to give the opportunity for a competitive experience for them. Also, the Diamond and above players aren’t playing so they can coach and advise the lower elo players.

I finished Silver 4 last season and Rumble was the reason I played Ranked. I didn’t believe anyone would want a Silver player on their team especially one who was borderline Bronze. But LoLSoc’s kindness and friendliness astounded me and I did find a team! Rumble was a great experience in terms of some fun League of Legends, meeting new people and making friends.

I did a survey about LoLSoc Rumble and publicised it on the LoLSoc Discord. If you want to partake in the next survey or any LoLSoc Publications content, message me on Discord!

These were their favourite parts about Rumble:

  • The competitive environment.
  • Proving yourself as a player.
  • Having fun with friends.
  • The BSV™ stream.
  • The memes and vibes of Rumble.
  • Learning more about playing the game which is a stark contrast to the “good ol solo queue experience”.
  • The big plays, the close games and the even matchups.
  • Meeting new people and getting to know them.
  • Scrims.
  • Different narratives and storylines such as “rival teams duking it out” or “the team of fresh faces making waves”.

Here are their reasons to why you should join Rumble:

  • You can work together with your friends towards a common goal, while meeting and playing against new people along the way.
  • Everyone wants to have fun so it’s a good atmosphere.
  • It’s a good experience because it’s competitive but the stakes aren’t as high.
  • Having friends and playing together while laughing and screaming together in a fun, non-toxic environment is something too good to pass up. It gives a taste of what it’s like to play competitive 5v5s which is a good and fun learning experience. Then, there’s the possibility of winning prizes on top!
  • It’s the best way to assert dominance.
  • Kenzo’s organising it.
  • It’s a good opportunity to get a taste of competitive play and make friends in the society.
  • Good team building and prizes!

I hope you will join Rumble and make it the best Rumble ever!

The Facebook event is here and the registration form is here.

Hang out with us on our Discord by following this link.