Written by Hashim “Hashbrowns117” Nahya

Life, by its nature, is enriched by the new experiences we face each coming day. Therefore, it is only natural that there will always be change as we grow, and university is just one of these many leaps for all of us. It is very difficult to ever be completely prepared for anything and as a university student you will experience constant ups and downs. No one ever starts off great at something. The same way learning a new role or champion in league takes time so will getting used to the university lifestyle. Everything happens in due time.

Of course, just like the game League of Legends, you can only get better with time, experience and a few patch notes. Everyone’s experience in university is going to be unique and having people help along the way is key. Where can you find such people?
Why of course right here!!! UNSW’s largest hobby society: The League of Legends Society🎉🎉

The great thing about LoLSoc is that the people within are all driven by a common interest, a love-hate relationship with Rito and their client-crashing, bug-having, busted champions, crap meta of a game: League of Legends. By playing this god-forsaken game with others, a deep bond is shared. Whether it be on the Rift or in the Howling Abyss, there will always be memories shared with one another.

First-year is a hard year, maybe not in the sense of academics but hard nonetheless due to the sudden change of lifestyle. Here at LoLSoc we are dedicated to help our fellow underclassmen with any sort of help they need. So if you have a question, make sure to join our discord using the link here and ask away in our #First-Years chat. Don’t be shy and approach any of the executives if we have any issues.

Speaking of our amazing executives, here are what they had to say when asked to give advice:

Winny Jiang (Ms. Prez)

“‘牛排 牛排 牛排 ! ! !’” - Some team in Worlds 2020

Merry Chu (Resident VPA Duck)

“If there’s one thing to learn from me, it’s to go for as many opportunities as you can! It’s ok to get rejected, just treat it as a learning experience and grow”

Adam Felah (The Widest of VPOs)

“Advice for first years: Uni work isn’t your only priority guys! Highly recommend joining some hobby societies, or a sport, that’s where I made some of my best friends 😀.”

Tom Tran (Secre-killmepls-tary)

“Have Fun, Explore! Uni is an unforgettable experience, and if you go with that mental, I can ensure a good time will be guaranteed!”

Tom Su (Back-to-back treasurer)

“As a first year, apply for stuff, try new things out, there’s no harm since you have the rest of uni life to sort things out.”

Kenzo Jeanson (Hates LoLSoc and is in his 3rd year of Exec as Arc Delegate)

“Apply for Subcom - I did as a joke and look where I am now.”

Joshua Yuan (Event-ually gonna die)

“Put yourself out there! A great way of making friends in Uni is joining societies, particularly subcomms so like 👀 apply for Events 😀 .”

Brandon Liao (Fiora based Events only)

“Don’t stress about first year, academics or friends, everything is a limit test, try your best to talk to people, learn from your mistakes and you can never go wrong.”

Bradley Lau (I’m just the media director man 🤷‍♂️)

“Don’t stress about marks and all that. You chose the degree for a reason and that’s because you know you can excel in it.”

Hashim Nahya (The Wonky Publications guy)

“Always strive and aim for the best, the only way to do that is to keep a positive mindset and surrounding yourself with the right company”

I really hope we as a family can make a difference and help you along this journey. Again, if you have any questions you can approach us at any time and we will be glad to help. We have a dedicated chat for first-years and for other members to provide their input.
Be sure to stay safe, have fun and enjoy your time at uni.