Written by Aidan “Ultráman Neos” Wang

Real Name: Gangplank


  • Captain Gangplank
  • The Saltwater Scourge

Race: Human (Cybernetically Enhanced)

Faction: Jagged Hooks (Pirate Gang)

Class: Expert pirate, captain of multiple warships and the leader of the Jagged Hooks

Historical Era: Modern

Personality: Ruthless, cruel and merciless to an extreme degree

Current Status: Gangplank remains hidden underground and plans to retake bilgewater back into his own hands

Hobbies: Raiding ships, killing those who inconvenience him in the slightest, carving bones and eating oranges?

Current Weapon:

  • Deadman’s plate (Shoulder Guard)
  • The Dreadway (Warship)
  • The Leviathan (Warship)
  • Death’s Daughter (Massive Canon)
  • Unnamed Cutlass (Left hand)
  • Unnamed Pistol (Right Hand)

Unique Power: Expert pirate methodologist and strategist.

Interesting Fact: Swain personally swore to destroy Gangplank and tear him apart after Gangplank stole his ship.

Famous Quote: “I was cutting throats and sinking Noxian war galleys when you were still pissing your britches, boy. You don’t want to take me on.”

Friendly Champions: Literally none

Rival Champions: Miss Fortune, Graves, Twisted Fate, Swain and Zed

Event Timeline

Pirate training.

Illaoi saves Gangplank.

Gangplank falls in love with Illaoi.

Illaoi leaves Gangplank for her god (Nagakaburos).

Gangplank kills Miss Fortune’s parents.

Gangplank rules Bilgewater.

Gangplank raids Zed’s temple.

Gangplank takes Swain’s battleship (Leviathan).

Gangplank defends Bilgewater against the Harrowing.

Gangplank throws Graves and Twisted Fate into the ocean.

Miss Fortune shoots Gangplank.

Gangplank Art

1 / 7
Young Gangplank saved by Illaoi
2 / 7
Gangplank shooting Miss Fortune and her parents
3 / 7
The Dreadway Warship
4 / 7
The Leviathan Warship
5 / 7
Gangplank and his Jagged Hooks
6 / 7
Miss Fortune planning her revenge on Gangplank
7 / 7
Gangplank before (left) and after (right) being shot by Miss Fortune