Written by Aidan “Ultráman Neos” Wang

Real Name: Omah Azir


  • The Emperor of the Sands
  • One Lucky Bastard (non-canon, noted by Aidan)

Race: God-Warrior

Faction: Ascended

Class: King of the great old empire of Shurima, Genius Strategist, Politician, great reformer and an ambitious dictator.

Historical Era: Ancient Mythological Era --> Modern

Personality: Secretive, Ambitious, Knowledgable, determined and a little bit narcissistic.

Current Status: Resurrected, The Sun Disk was lifted once more by Azir's resurrection.

Hobbies: Reading books, Conquering new territories and bringing back Shurima.

Current Weapon:

  • Sand Soldiers
  • The Sun Disk
  • Staff of Office
  • Sand Magic

Unique Power: Expert war strategiest, Expert politician, Royal Shuriman Bloodline and extremely knowledgable.

Interesting Fact: Azir named Xerath, which means in shuriman:"Someone who knows how to share".

Famous Quote: “I will reclaim my lands and take back what was mine!”

Friendly Champions: Sivir, Nasus and possibly Renekton.

Rival Champions: Xerath, Aatrox, Varus and Rhaast.

Event Timeline

Azir was born as the smallest prince out of all Shuriman princes.

Azir befriended slave Xerath in the library where Xerath taught Azir how to read complex mythological language.

Xerath saved Azir from an assasination attempt on Shuriman princes, Azir was the only one who survived.

Murder of the Shuriman King by Xerath, Azir ascended to the King of Shurima.

Xerath became the chief strategist of Shurima, Azir promised to abolish slavery.

Xerath grew impatient of waiting for Azir to abolish slavery after all these years.

Xerath secretly planned a revenge against Azir for his broken promises.

Xerath recommended Azir to become one of the Ascended.

Azir announced the abolition of slavery and named Xerath "the eternal brother" as the sun priests began the ritual.

Azir was pushed off the dais by Xerath and perished in the holy flame followed by the destruction of the Shuriman Empire.

Azir's resurrection through Sivir's blood.

Azir Art

1 / 7
Azir making reforms to the City of the Sun
2 / 7
Azir's developmental concepts
3 / 7
Azir, the King himself
4 / 7
Azir preparing his ascension
5 / 7
Azir's ascension
6 / 7
Xerath accepting the power of the sun after pushing Azir aside
7 / 7
Azir's sand soldiers