Written by Quinn “Bob57” Jones

We all know Rumble, the Yordle with a fiery temper, clad in his mechanical suit of iron with harpoons and incendiary rockets ready to terrorize the rift. Lately he’s been everywhere... dominating my solo queue games, terrorizing my junglers and absolutely annihilating his competition at this year's 2021 Mid Season Invitational League tournament (MSI).

So, why is Rumble so broken?

Well there’s a couple of reasons. In patch 11.8, Rumble was “adjusted”, lowering some of his base magic resistance, and adding some effects to his passive and to his E ability.

However, the most important change here is the buff to his Overheat.

“When overheated, Rumble gains 50% attack speed”

This change had caused a substantial rise in Rumble’s pick rate and allowed him to dominate both the Midlane and the Jungle.

However, according to my best sources, there is another reason he’s broken, and for this, we must turn to UNSW’s official League Midlaner

“30 second cd airstrike from africa nuke enemy ad”. - mfis

For those of you not familiar with Rumble's ult, aptly named “The equalizer”, he rains down an aerial strike upon a selected strip of land, dealing damage to enemies in it, which lingers for a second after they leave the ult area.

The absolutely disgusting cooldown on this ultimate allows him to poke.. yes that’s right... POKE with his ult ability, which can easily bring a squishy adc down to less than half of their health. Additionally, the level of control his ult gives over teamfights is magnificent, allowing him to dominate chokepoints objectives with his aerial assault.

Taking a look at MSI however, a different story emerged. After the group stage, Rumble had a 97.3% pick ban rate, yet only a 46.7% win rate over the 15 group stage games where he played. He seems to have fallen in priority in the ironically named “Rumble” stage of MSI, with junglers like Udyr and Morgana being the preferred pick/ban. Udyr sits at a 68.8% win rate, and Morgana sits at a 72.2%, both rates much higher than the Rumble. But can all the blame be laid at this Yordle’s feet? Obviously not, we haven't taken into account the team composition, the teams themselves playing and so much more.

So even with a dominant champion like Rumble, teams are still opting for the Udyr, and the recently buffed Morgana over him.

What does this say about the state of Solo-queue vs the competitive environment, and more importantly for us players, will he be nerfed anytime soon? Only time will tell.