Written by Aidan “Ultráman Neos” Wang

Real Name: Veigar


  • The Tiny Master of Evil
  • Most Wicked Villain in the Universe

Race: Yordle

Faction: Individual

Class: Expert Yordle Celestial Magician, Phenomenal Evil Wizard, Most evil being on Runeterra.

Historical Era/Period: Great Darkin War --> Modern

Personality: Thinks he's evil but secretly cute, insane, lowkey craves for attention, loves to study magic.

Current Status: Alive; trying to prove that he is the most evil being in the universe.

Hobbies: Trying to prove he is the most evil being, injecting fear into Runeterra, manipulating Celestial Power, harvesting other evil mages' power.

Current Weapon:

  • Crystal Staff
  • "Phenomenal Evil Power"

Unique Power: Celestial Magic, Phenomenal Evil Power.

Interesting Fact: He wants others to think he is the most powerful evil being in the universe but secretly he is just a regular mage.

Famous Quote: “I can see the fear in your hearts! You dare march here to challenge my dread rule? I, Veigar, who has yoked the magic of the universe to my will? Veigar, Great Master of Evil, who has defeated countless arcane foes in my quest for ever greater --

(proceeds to be interupted by a bunch of regular Noxian farmers)

Friendly Champions: Literally none, possibly other Yordles but not evident.

Rival Champions: Mordekaiser

Event Timeline

Born in Bandle City.

Traveled to Runeterra through Bandle City -- Runeterra portal.

Got into Celestial Magic because of the hype.

Joined the order of mages in Noxii (pre-noxus) territories.

Imprisoned by warlord Mordekaiser because the order of mages refused to fight for Mordekaiser.

Tortured by Mordekaiser, performed evil magic for Mordekaiser, isolated, helpless and lost his purpose.

Freed due to Leblanc's betrayal and conspired against Mordekaiser.

Embraced evil and villiany as a result of his torture.

Quest to become the world's most wicked villian.

Terrorised bunch of farmers in Boleham.

Got talked out of killing the farmers because no one took him seriously and now is on his path to kill other evil mages and claim their power.

Veigar Art

1 / 5
Veigar deleting your power.
2 / 5
Veigar in his most evil form --> The Final Boss.
3 / 5
Mordekaiser and Veigar interaction about Veigar's torture.
4 / 5
Veigar terrorising the farmers of Boleham.
5 / 5
Veigar in development.