Written by Hashim “Hashbrowns117” Nahya

20 teams entered the coliseum battling it out on the rift to be the greatest there was. Now only 2 emerge from the dust and stand atop of the ashes.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Team Kyli’s Kolbys and Team DaTTEAGU3: WDB for their stellar performance this month and showing why they stand on top of the competition!!

What a month it has been and Rumble 2021 has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, ints and throws, pentakills to aces, the audience has SEEN IT ALL!!!

However all good things must come to an end and this year’s Rumble is about to witness the greatest ending of all. This battle between KK and DWDB will be one for the books ladies and gentlemen. What I’m about to show you today is a list of reasons why these 2 teams deserve to stand above the competition and be where they are today.

Kyli’s Kolbys

Let’s start off with the infamous team led by Kyli himself. This team so far has gone undefeated in the playoffs, with a convincing win against Chengus Time in the winner’s bracket finals and it seems they plan to continue that streak tonight!

KK boast their mechanical skills as the sole reason for their success thus far. When asked by our interviewer, “What are your team’s strengths that allowed you guys to successfully traverse through this intense competition and rise above others?”, they replied:

After rigorous training in Nexus Blitz and ARAM, our team’s strength is simply our pure mechanical prowess.

This does in fact seem to be the case after reviewing their games and champion statistics so let’s talk about the individual players and their contribution to this team’s success. We start off with the mid laner Bigger Neater and his Sylas.

If there was ever a champion to take away from this man’s hand it would be in fact Sylas. Boasting a 65% WR on the champion and a 3.23 KDA, Bigger Neater is not messing around when he locks in this unshackled mage. Even his other stats he is well above the average when compared to the gold/platinum standard for example, his 691 early gold advantage - 753 more early gold advantage than average sylas and a Kill Participation percentage that is 12.1% more than the average sylas player.

Sylas or not, Bigger Neater is a formidable solo laner. His champion pool brags a variety of different mid-lane archetypes. To top it all off, in the second Round Robin stage of this year’s Rumble, Bigger Neater stood with 0 deaths throughout all 4 games in his group stage.

Bigger Neater wasn’t the only man with 0 deaths at the time as his team’s ADC, Kolby also stood alongside him with a flawless victory. Kolby acts as the backbone of the team and is depended on when it comes to grabbing the win in almost every game. When asked, “What’s your team’s favorite team comp and why?”, they replied

Protect the adc comp: tank top and jg + egirl champ mid and sup = kolby 1v9 on vayne.

His Vayne has attracted quite the attention from the crowd recently and his stats prove this man’s skill as the team’s carry with a 80% overall WR and a 3.41 KDA.

Kyli’s Kolbys have proven over and over again their mechanical superiority every game and are quite the formidable competitors this Rumble but we wait to see how they will perform tonight.


Moving on to Kyli’s Kolby’s competition tonight we have the fan favourites DWDB. This team has only suffered two losses, the first in the second stage of the Round Robin (in which they placed their top laner on Yuumi duty) and the second in the playoffs against Chengus Time. They returned the favour last night and now face Kyli’s Kolbys for the title of Rumble 2021 Champions.

We talked of KK’s Mid and ADC and their contribution to Kyli’s Kolby’s current success but for DWDB it seems to be the Jungler and Midlaner who provide the most impact for the team. Astral and Bucklava are a duo to be feared as they roam all over the map and apply pressure from all sides. Past games have shown this duo to coordinate ganks really well both alone and together, translating their own leads into the side lane. From ganks to objectives to shot calling, these two really do work well together to take control over the map.

However, let’s focus on Astral for the time being. This team may not play a lot of League of Legends when outside of Rumble but their stats within the tournament have really shown why they are worthy of being Grand Finalists. Astral is the sole player of Rumble 2021 to achieve top 3 ranking in ‘most kills’ for both Round Robins and the playoffs. If that wasn’t impressive enough Astral also has the highest kill participation of 207 in the Playoff stage with (122 being assists).

Let’s not forget Kanye West, DWDB’s Top laner, and his performance so far. We asked the team, “When it comes to your communication, who is the main shot caller and who has the most impact?”, they replied:

“Our main shot caller would be Adam (Bucklava), he dictates alot of the plays before hand but we do have to give credit to Kenzo (Kanye West) as he is always keeping our heads in the game and asking us what our next play should be?”

Kanye West has been ranked to be one of the best Top Laners this competition has seen and his statistics are a testament to that. Ladies and gentleman this man’s top most played champions all boast a positive WR. This man apparently does not lose and has translated that into Rumble this year. From my sources it seems to be that Kanye West has yet to lose lane in the top lane and is waiting for a challenge. Will it be Kyli’s Kolbys to step up to him or will he reign victorious tonight.

Tonight is going to be one hell of a ride and if you haven’t already, be sure to tune into the UNSW LoLSoc Viewing party and watch these titans duke it out for the no.1 spot!!