League of Legends is Now in its Modernist Phase

Riot Games is pushing League into a new paradigm of gameplay.

It is a universal rule that everything grows and evolves, and League of Legends is no exception to it. From its humble beginnings to 10 year-old birthday, League is nearly indistinguishable from its early days. For 9 years, it has grown larger and more complex through the addition of new champions, items, and more. However, the game has reached a point where these additions can only do so much to... [Read More]

Yuumean She’s Not an Actual Champion? Why The Magical Cat is Sitting at 35% Win Rate.

Why does Yuumi have the lowest starting winrate of all-time?

Yuumi, The Magical Cat, was introduced recently with Patch 9.10. As with all new champions, she received considerable play throughout the elos in the hopes that she would be powerful. However, she has underwhelmed so far, sporting the lowest win rate in the game so far at around 35%, 10% lower than Ryze and Kalista (who both nonetheless hold considerable power in competitive play), as per Lolalytics. Only release Syndra... [Read More]

Non-Competitive League of Legends: League Culture, Rotations, and Experimentation

How Riot manages to keep Summoners Rift Competitive alongside introducing fun game modes.

League of Legends has served for many players as a medium of competition. However, outside the world of eSports and rank climb, a handful of non-competitive players have also found their place in League. With the main available game modes being Summoners’ Rift, All Random All Mid (ARAM), and Twisted Treeline; at times to the non-competitive player, it could get rather boring without a team of friends. [Read More]

Who is the Cutest Pro Player?

After years of relentless surveying, over eight thousand people have kindly volunteered their opinions into this controversial topic. Absolutely no bias can possibly be found as we have thoroughly run over the numbers ensuring they haven’t been tampered. The nominees and the results are in! The burning question on everyone’s mind has finally been answered. [Read More]

Your Favourite One-trick and Why She’s Back in Pro Play: The Return of Riven

Everyone's favourite 3.5% one-tricked Toplaner is finally dashing into competitive play... But why now?

Throughout the years of League’s existence, Riven, the Exile, has proven to be one of the most consistently popular champions. Her design and flashy kit with high outplay and 1v9 potential has earned her a dedicated audience of players including multiple OTP streamers such as BoxBox and Adrian Riven. [Read More]