Executives might sound like a scary word, but in reality we stay up playing League just like you! Don’t be afraid to talk and say hi to us at our next event!


Name: Adrian "Morale" Guo

Year: 3rd Year Medicinal Chemistry

Favourite Champion: Graves because he is very fun and satisfying to play

Personal Motto: Teamwork makes the dream work

Favourite League Memory: Winning Sydney Battlegrounds 2018


Name: Harrison “Xelus” Chan

Year: 2nd Year Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

Favourite Champion: Yi. He is a really fun champion because he’s got a lot of outplay potential and has a few important mechanics to his kit. Also he is a great champion to snowball with in low elo

Personal Motto: Silence

Favourite League Memory: Playing with the legendary YoloSwagPimp420


Name: Alex “Aldiko9” Wong

Year: 4th Year Commerce/Law

Favourite Champion: Trundle because … TRAFFIC CONES!!!

Personal Motto: When you are 0/6, just be a minion

Favourite League Memory: I dedicate this to all those times minions became winions.


Name: Helen “SwordSky” Xia

Year: 4th Year Computer Science/Media Arts

Favourite Champion: Zoe

Personal Motto: Kill Secured!

Favourite League Memory: Discovering just how far Rakan can travel in under a second (the entire distance between mid lane 1st tier turrets)


Name: Yilun "tigeryl" Zhou

Year: 4th Year Commerce/Information Systems

Favourite Champion: Dr Mundo - He goes where he pleases!

Personal Motto: If you need 50 gold to buy an item, just kill the Nexus

Favourite League Memory: My friend and I had around 30 minutes before our tutorial started whereby he decided that it would be wise to begin a game of league. He decided to play top Vladimir even though he wasn’t very proficient at the champion. Hilarity ensued as he kept on dying in lane 1v1 over and over again, whist commenting on how each last death was BS. Somehow, the game managed to drag to 30 minutes and he had to pack up because of the tutorial. I somehow managed to convince my friend to log back on to see the result of the game once we got to the tutorial. Miraculously, the game was still ongoing when he rejoined. We tried to hold back our laughter as the Master Yi on his team typed “come vlad, we need u for this teamfight” whilst I gestured to my friend’s kda of 4/18/2. As usual, my friend dove in first and pressed his ult, just to see the dreaded grey screen 1 second later. The smiles on our faces turned to shock as Yi managed to clean up the enemy one by one to win the game!


Name: Jacky “Sky” Dong

Year: 4th Year Commerce/Law

Favourite Champion: Zed! His versatile kit allows for flashy plays and bursting opponents with his ultimate is very satisfying. Also edgy ninjas are cool

Personal Motto: An amateur does practises to get it right, a master practises to never get it wrong

Favourite League Memory: My Pentakills :)


Name: Brendan “Terrosyth” Kwan

Year: 3rd Year Science/Psychology

Favourite Champion: Ahri

Personal Motto: Life stops for no one, grasp every opportunity or get left behind

Favourite League Memory: Legends never die 😓


Name: Colby “Kobe Lu” Lu

Year: 3rd Year Information Systems

Favourite Champion: Vayne

Personal Motto: It’s only embarrassing if you’re embarrassed

Favourite League Memory: Becoming Jesus and walking on water at roadtrip


Name: Andy “Glup” Liu

Year: 2nd Year Data Science

Favourite Champion: Pyke

Personal Motto: Win

Favourite League Memory: My glorious climb to Iron 4


Name: Stephen “phancy” Chan

Year: 3rd Year Psychology

Favourite Champion: I am the (second) greatest Lux in LoLSoc

Personal Motto: Comebackable!

Favourite League Memory: Late night ARAMs with friends when we couldn’t end on a loss. Also, clean climb to Diamond after being hardstuck Silver for too long. But mostly beating Stealthix in norms!


Name: Kenzo “cso69” Jeanson

Year: 2nd Year Information Systems

Favourite Champion: One Champ One Lane Kled OTP for life

Personal Motto: Worse jungler = instalose

Favourite League Memory: Boosting our past president to Gold!